Fast food Litter:

McDonald’s waste makes up largest proportion of fast food litter on streets.
Wrappers and cups from McDonald’s meals make up nearly a third of fast food litter on our streets.

A study in 10 cities over two days in the first attempt to discover which brand names were most commonly discarded.
McDonald’s waste makes up largest proportion of litter on streets.
Wrappers and cups from Mcdonald’s meals make up the largest proportion of litter on the streets, according to the new survey.

Fast food litter was second to cigarette ends in littering the country’s streets and 29 per cent of that was from McDonald’s restaurants, followed by boxes and cups from other fast food shops. Followed by Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway and a number of coffee brands.

Fast food companies should be doing more to ensure that the country’s streets were tidier.

  • Reduce unnecessary packaging.
  • Make eating inside their restaurants a more attractive option.
  • Encourage customers to use a bin.
  • Offer discounts to people who returned packaging and provide more bins.
  • “We condemn litterers for dropping this fast food litter in the first place but, also believe the results have pertinent messages for the fast food industry. McDonald’s, KFC and Subway, and the coffee shops need to do more to discourage littering by their customers.”

    The most shocking statistic is the fact that the waste generated by the fast food industry outweighs the food product by an average of 3 to 1. That does not include the waste produced by the factory farms in the United States, Brazil and elsewhere which are raising extremely poor quality, unhealthy animals in absolutely horrid conditions. The feces and runoff has actually destroyed the Eco-system in several areas.

    So again we ask, why would you eat this stuff? Some say, because it tastes good and is cheap.
    Taste is a matter of “training your taste buds”. You can stomach anything with practice. Here is a great stat: 92% of the people in a third party test that were not allowed to eat fast food for six months could not stomach the taste afterward! Some even became sick just because of the smell and could not bring themselves to eat the so called “food product” from the fast food “restaurant”.

    Cost? Fast food in not cheaper and those who think so are living in denial. A $2.50 pound of hamburger from the grocery store will make up to 8 hamburgers. Typically 4 to 6. A bag of fries $3.00. Buns $2.00. Feed four people a MUCH HEALTHIER 1/4lb burger and way more fries for under $2.00 each. But where’s the cheese? Cheese, ketchup, mustard lettuce, onions all go a long way and can be added for an extra ~20 cents which puts cost right around $2.00! Logic also prevails here. The fast food product HAS TO BE INFERIOR or they could not cover overhead on stores, payroll, insurance and other operating costs. Think about it!
    Number one issue is laziness and people making excuses. THERE ARE NO VALID EXCUSES TO EAT FAST FOOD! WAKE UP!

    The scenario above is the DIRECT result of cost reduction. Would you like to know about the long term costs and health issues?
    After all, fast food is harming more people than S.T.D’s., Smoking, Firearms and Traffic Accidents combined!

    Excuse number 1: Wah, I don’t have the time to cook! That’s a tough problem, right? Cook up the burgers when you have the time and throw them in the freezer. Nuke-em and enjoy or throw in your lunch bag. Problem solved and time saved is monumental! How long did you wait at that drive through again, engine running, eating gas, polluting the air for one meal per person? Hmm, seems like a no brainer! Same with breakfast. Pancakes just rock out of the freezer into the toaster or microwave! BREW YOUR OWN COFFEE! Save $700 annually alone! Enough for a cruise for two! Or would you rather line the pockets of a faceless executive somewhere so he can fill the 200 gallon gas tank on his yacht?

    The U.S. health care system is in BIG trouble. People continually point fingers at our government and leaders. Remember this, when you point your finger, there are three pointing back at you! The truth is, our health care system became overwhelmed with diseases related to poor diet at a rate DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE GROWTH OF THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY! The United States health care financial problem is caused by the fast food industry PERIOD!

    How about taxpayer dollars to clean up all the litter. What about the impact on the environment? What about the clearing of rainforests to raise cattle in sub standard conditions to support the industry? What about the tribes of indigenous people ousted from their land where they lived for hundreds of years so factory farms can be built? Want to talk about cost now? BE PART OF THE SOLUTION! Teach your children to be healthy, not corporate puppets! Would you rather eat real food or be fed by a clown?

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