Factory Farms – Sick Animals Make Sick People

Here is a quote from the creator or our organization, James Conzett.

“I was raised in Ohio in the 60’s and early 70’s. Surrounded by farmlands of family farms that have been there for generations. For twelve years I had never known anyone to be seriously ill or overweight. There was no “fast food”, the phrase was not even coined yet. My first experience with fast food was a place called the Red Barn. Then there was Arby’s which, at the time, used a real piece of roast beef on a slicer not some pre-formed “mystery meat” beef product. Then there was a McDonalds which, I never liked as the burgers did not taste like real beef. I did like the fries. After being raised on farm fresh food, my taste buds knew “real” food -vs- processed but, I really did not care why, I was a kid. Even the Bob Evans up there used locally farmed produce and animals.

NOT ANY MORE! I re-visited Ohio a couple decades later. MOST ALL the family farms were gone. Forced into bankruptcy by the fast food industries’ factory farms. There were fast food restaurants, fat kids and three hospitals within ten miles of each other where once, there were none. The economy was going down the drain and the health problems were intensifying. I knew then, before it was “trendy” that the fast food industry was a very bad thing. Now, another couple decades later, I see far worse. What I find even more disgusting is the fact that people just don’t care and will even defend the places responsible for the demise of our health, health care system and environment. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Big fat, unhealthy, expensive bliss. Well, I cannot turn my head to this serious issue.

It does not even take an education to realize when a factory “food” manufacturing industry, like McDonalds, generates THREE TIMES the weight of waste to “food product” that there is a problem. Adding to the problem is the health issues derived from eating the product that these industries have labeled “food”.
The same people who complain about our governments health care financial woes will do so while sitting at a drive through. Guess what? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Stop supporting the industry that is killing you, your planet and your kids!

I started this organization to raise awareness to all aboard our planets fragile ecosystem. I have found that many people just do not know the facts. So, would you rather be fed by a farmer or a clown? The choice is yours.”

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