About Us

Awareness Aboard Org was founded by James Conzett. Now, for over twenty years James has been dedicating every waking moment of his life towards educating and helping people in some way or another. Mostly in the areas of health or environmental issues but, also corporate to consumer problems. Whether people want to listen or not and unfortunately, mostly not. His self reliant, all giving nature combined with his “hang up and think” attitude have become more needed and rare as time progresses. “There are few people or institutions that actually care anymore” says James. Once in a meeting with a social worker that was apparently “talking down to him” he asked that person what their priorities actually were. After an expected answer we will not quote here; James retaliated “So, you do this for free, right? Or, as your answer obviously discloses, you sir, are a hypocrite.” Well, James does not sugar coat anything and the meeting ended abruptly. There was still the matter of the bill which, James begrudgingly paid.

Having raised five children on no to low income without ever requesting government assistance, James has pretty much run the gauntlet of what can be expected from State, Government and their handshaking private Organizations. His disgust with the system he encountered and wasteful spending there-in has driven James into a frenzy of fact finding in order to substantiate what he and many others already know. James believes that backing up his experiences with hard facts will allow him more leverage in even a simple conversation let alone a full blown campaign. After all, people have quite selective hearing especially when it comes to something that may inconvenience them. James’ quote “People who talk wait for an answer. People who act initiate change.” is quite true. Take weight loss which is a lifestyle change. A change for the better. Not easy at first, definitely not convenient but, necessary to live a happier, healthy life. “Well,” says James “our society needs to go on a diet. Not a weight loss diet but, an ignorance reduction plan so, everything else can fall into place”.

James has also provided free computers, repairs, domains, websites, custom code, graphics and hosting to those who “actually” need but, can’t afford. He is however, very selective. This service in particular is very coveted by the recipients. He leases servers in Orlando, Florida to host all kinds of websites and provide “sandboxes” for his code and database interface developing. James once owned and operated an electronics design and manufacturing company too. Started with a water purification device he designed and began to manufacture in his shed. The company went great guns and grew to ten employees and netting 250k a quarter. Unfortunately, James’ partner, who bankrolled $1000 to get it going, sold the company without James’ knowledge and James arrived to an empty shop one morning. He lost everything including his home. James has paid many more dues but, this one seemingly haunts him the most.

After two decades now, James’ schedule in providing his services have outgrown the hours in a day. To rectify, James desired to start this organization ans a 501(c)3 non profit just as it has actually been operated. Unfortunately, lawyers and accountants do not share James’ vision unless you pay them a ridiculous sum of money per hour. Additionally, finding a board of directors that possessed any skills related to such an organization was fruitless. “So,” James asks “How can you cover start up costs for an organization that is non-profit?” The answer is will be discovered soon as James is in pursuit.

James initially researched many existing non-profit organizations for an answer. Much to his disgust he found corruption and greed. Just like the popular one for breast cancer we will call S.G.K.. James discovered that only one penny or less for every dollar actually goes to help any area in breast cancer (whether research or support) while the executives there bring in six figure paychecks! “That is not a my idea of an organization that helps anyone but themselves” said James. By the way, James’ mother died from breast cancer.

For now, Awareness Aboard Org will have to be registered as an LLC which, is the only way we can get this started and “convert” to a 501(c)3 non-profit in the future. This concerns us greatly as any donations would not be tax deductible. We will just have to attribute this as growing pains and continue to pursue our mission.