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Super Food – Flax Seeds

Some call it one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet. There’s some evidence it may help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. That’s quite a tall order for a tiny seed that’s been around for centuries. Flaxseed was cultivated in Babylon as early as 3000 BC. In the […]

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Fast food Litter: McDonald’s waste makes up largest proportion of fast food litter on streets. Wrappers and cups from McDonald’s meals make up nearly a third of fast food litter on our streets. A study in 10 cities over two days in the first attempt to discover which brand names were most commonly discarded. McDonald’s […]

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Factory Farms – Sick Animals Make Sick People

Here is a quote from the creator or our organization, James Conzett. “I was raised in Ohio in the 60’s and early 70’s. Surrounded by farmlands of family farms that have been there for generations. For twelve years I had never known anyone to be seriously ill or overweight. There was no “fast food”, the […]

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Poor Diet Kills More Than Smoking & Firearms

(From a 2004 article) Poor diet and physical inactivity are overtaking smoking as the No. 1 cause of preventable deaths in the United States, federal officials reported Tuesday. The study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that about 400,000 deaths in the United States in 2000 could be attributed to poor […]

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