Our Mission


“Dedicated to helping the environment and all its’ inhabitants by providing resources to help less fortunate, students, non-educated or the elderly towards achieving a healthier, less polluting and a more socially productive existence while reducing the financial burden of like minded government agencies, private organizations and struggling small businesses.”

  • Providing plans and and instructions on gardening with the “best nutrition per square foot” concept.
  • Educating people on the dangers of the “fast food” industry and its’ global impact.
  • Educating about recycling and how everyone can reduce their “waste footprint”.
  • Reducing injuries and saving lives by campaigning about safe cell phone usage.
  • Providing free hosting, domain names and websites to help all who qualify.
  • Educating people on how to eat healthily on a low budget.
  • “Those who talk wait for an answer. Those who act initiate change.” J.G.C. 2012